Friday, May 4, 2012

butter LONDON Victoriana

I actually wore Victoriana for the first time months ago, and completely forgot to post my pictures. Whoops! 

Perfect formula, two easy coats.

I love the silvery shimmery finish on this one. It makes me think of brocade, which I suppose is the idea with a polish named Victoriana. =)

I don't own many Butter London polishes. I find the price tag a little hard to take on their more standard colors, but I will pony up when the finishes or shades are more unique. I guess that's true for me with a lot of brands though!

Sorry I didn't have more to say on this on. It's really a great polish, but I'm just coming off of a 2-day migraine, and I'm finding it difficult to summon much enthusiasm. Trust me, it's not the polish - it's me!

Hope you all are doing well. Thanks for reading! <3
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  1. Victoriana is a favorite! looks beautiful on you!

  2. This is a favorite of mine as well, so gorgeous! I've only bought Butter London's with one of Ulta's awesome coupons which really helps. Currently eyeing "Knackered"... :)

  3. I love this!!! Dusty blues are the best!

  4. This looks stunning on you!!!

  5. Victoriana is soooo beautiful! I wish I could have more Butter's stuff... I'm going to wear and swatch my No More Waity, Katie today. Sorry for your migraine, Noelie. I've just recovered from mine :-|


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