Friday, November 4, 2011

Wet 'n Wild Believe Me, It's Real

First of all, my Walgreen's never gets anything good. EVER. Seriously. So I almost passed out when I walked in there yesterday and they had a full display of the Wet 'n Wild limited edition holiday collection, Ice Baby. I was good and only bought one (on that trip to Walgreen's, at any rate), Believe Me, It's Real. Observe.

One coat over a coat of Revlon Royal. I probably could have gotten it opaque with several coats, but 1) That would probably have made it even thirstier and grittier than it already is, and 2) I must conserve the precious since it's limited edition.

It is so perfect. Primarily blue glitter with some purple glitter tossed in there. According to Scrangie this is a pretty darn reasonable facsimile of Nails Inc Connaught Square.

As I mentioned above, this is a thirsty glitter. I used Gelous and two coats of Pro FX and I still have a bit of bumpiness going on. Nothing I can't handle though, happily!

The sparkles kind of freaked out my camera a little bit here. I love it when a glitter has enough bling to make my camera unsure where to focus. =D

Bottom line... if you see these and you like glitter at all, grab them. This is a truly wonderful polish, and the price is right at $2.99!

Happy Friday, folks!
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  1. gawwwwd girl, you are killing me here! lol I would love to get my filthy little mitts all over these WnWs but the LE collections hardly ever find their way to Canada-land...sigh! I shall admire from afar though. This is beautiful on ya! <3

  2. @moxie 345 ^.^

    @thalie Pro FX Quick Dry top coat. I use both the Pro FX base coat and top coat. =)

  3. When I saw the first pic in this post, I thought "wow that looks like it would go great over Royal!" and of course, that's what you did!

    So glad I swapped for the 2 blues in this collection - can't wait to try them!

  4. OMG that's gorgeous Noelie. Breathtaking! There is a whole collection of these?? O.O Wow I am out of the loop lol

  5. I read the Stuff I Love page,but it doesn't say where you buy ProFX? Do you get it at Sally Beauty? Thanks,Noelie.

  6. These glitters are so awesome!!!

  7. @Kristi Yup, Royal is perfect for it! =D

    @lepidopteria Thank ya!

    @Stef Girl, you have to crawl out from under your books sometimes and see what's going on, LOL

    @Shannara Thank you! =D

    @thalie I've only found Pro FX at Walmart.

    @Deborah They are amazing!

  8. OMG YOUR PICTURES!!!! *hyperventilates* :D

  9. Wow lovely lovely.Beautiful nails you have!I need to get this!

  10. You made me click "buy it now" at eBay. I can't wait until I get it and can try it out. :D

  11. @Lauren LOL! <3 They did come out pretty good! =D

    @Pinkbeauty_love Thank you so much! It really is an amaaaaazing polish!

    @Sminkan Success! I hope you love it! (I know you will!)


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