Sunday, November 6, 2011

LA Splash Ocean's Fairy

I've had a bee in my bonnet (I love that phrase) about LA Splash polishes for months now. They used to carry them at Ulta. It's one of those things that you think is going to be easily accessible, so other lemmings take precedence. Then Ulta stopped carrying them. Oh, the horror. I did some searching and found that Cherry Culture carries them. Of course, the colors I want most have been out of stock at Cherry Culture for months. I finally gave up and did a small haul of them from the LA Splash website. The first once I've worn is Ocean's Fairy.

Can I get a wow? =) This polish is incredible. It's a green base with just a ton of fine green and gold glitter. It looks like there's two or three shades of green glitter in here, but it's hard to tell for sure.

This is one of those greens that pulls warmer in the lights in my lightbox (and in my house), and slightly cooler outside. I've included pictures taken both ways so that you can see both faces of this polish.

The formula is pretty good, a little on the thick side. I added about 4 drops of thinner before I did this mani, and I really think that it applied easier because of that. This is two coats. You could almost get away with one, I think, if you were careful and were so inclined.

It dries gritty, as I expected, but it wasn't as crazy thirsty as some of the glitters I've worn recently. One coat of Gelous followed by one coat of my Pro FX top coat pretty much took care of the grittiness. 

Ocean's Fairy is a stunner, this is for certain. The others that I ordered are quite beautiful as well. I have to say that I was hesitant to order directly from LA Splash's site because shipping was on the pricier side ($10 for 6 bottles). However, I ordered on October 31, and the polishes were here on November 5. That's not bad at all, and I felt better about the shipping cost when they arrived so quickly. And the other side of that is, of course, that they have all the colors in stock.

Be warned, though. The color blobs on both the LA Splash site and the Cherry Culture site are nigh useless for ordering. They pretty much look NOTHING like the polishes, so try to do some swatch research before you try to order. Swatches aren't plentiful on the web, sadly, just like any brand that's not widely distributed. These are seriously amazing glitters, though, and I do plan to get more as my budget allows.

Hope your weekend is going well. Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. I'm not a big fan of gren, I mean... I wasn't, but now I confess that after seeing your post I am in love with this green.
    I made some orders in Cherry Culture... and I will not talk about the shipping cost that I've payed, because if I remember that again, I will go crazy.
    Have a nice day, kisses


  2. Why do you have to make green look so sexy? Every time I visit your blog, you make me want to wear whatever you are wearing ... even green. <3

  3. @Shannara Thank ya!

    @Tuli and CandyDoll Well, it's true that Cherry Culture's shipping isn't that great either. =\

    @loodie loodie loodie What can I say? Making green look sexy is one of my mutant powers. ^.^ Why don't you like green?! I think it would look pretty on you!

  4. This polish is too pretty. It's SO going on my wish list!

  5. Goodness this is insanely gorgeous. I love this polish, I wish I had seen it when Ulta had them!

  6. Oh this is STUNNING!


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