Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Couple of Blues

Today I have a couple of blues that I hadn't posted yet. The first is Zoya Noel, which is likely the closest thing I'll ever have to a polish with my name. It's a beautiful ice blue metallic polish, very reminiscent of Zoya Crystal, but without the flecks of gold. The application was quite good, two easy coats. Somehow I managed to ding the tips of a couple of fingers within just a couple of hours of putting it on. This worries me a bit because I didn't really do anything that could have caused that, so I hope this doesn't just tend to being chiptastic. =\

And the other is China Glaze Flyin' High. I was expecting this one to be more teal than it looks on me, but on me it's pretty much pure blue. In the lights indoors, it had a very tiny tint of teal to it, but yeah, mostly blue... which is fine with me. =) Great formula on this one though, not fussy whatsoever.

I'm so sorry that I haven't had much time to answer comments lately. I do read them all, and I appreciate every one. I've just been so busy with work, and then being sick and then being busy with work again that I feel like I barely have time to put together cognizant blog posts. So please, please know that I really do love all of your comments, even when I don't have time to reply!

Happy Friday!
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  1. Blues look so great on you! (especially Noel) :) I am not so lucky, blues tend to give me lobster hands.

  2. Flyin' High is a true beauty! My bottle is half way done already.

  3. Nobody wears blue as well as you do. You make them look so pretty! I must get my Crystal out of the Helmer asap!

  4. Flyin' High is sooo great! It's a pretty difficult shade of blue, but you look great :>

  5. Those are beautiful swatches!

  6. OK!!I have to get Noel!!!So pretty :3


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