Wednesday, November 16, 2011

China Glaze Winter Berry

I kept telling myself I didn't need another red creme. Turns out, I was wrong! =)

China Glaze's Let It Snow 2011 holiday collection features two red cremes (three if you count the vampier Velvet Bow), with Winter Berry being the one that is cooler in tone. I went back and forth about getting this one. I have a fair amount of red cremes. And honestly... I'm not even sure this is unique in my collection. But the lemming was there and it wasn't leaving, so I went ahead and bought it. And I'm so glad that I did.

Winter Berry is just perfect in every way. The formula is great - two easy coats is what's shown here. It's sort of halfway between a creme and a jelly, so it borders on that wonderful squishy quality of a jelly without any of the opacity or streaking issues that jellies sometimes have.

It's also just about the perfect shade of red for my skintone, which doesn't hurt anything either. =D So do I have a dupe in my collection for this one? Yeah, I probably do. But I love this so much that I'm not even inspired to go and check to see what I have that might be close. And when I do get around to de-duping my collection again (We all know it'll happen eventually!), I'm pretty sure this one will stay over whatever else I might have that's close to it. I just love it that much. =)

Just perfect. *sigh*

Thank you everyone for the well wishes with the bug I had earlier this week. =) I'm finally starting to feel human again, yay! 

And, as always, thank you for stopping by my little blog. =)
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  1. Good to hear you're feeling better :)

    Looks very pretty

  2. What a beautiful shade! And that glossy finish is to die for...

  3. Gorgeous color! I love the berry tones in it :)

  4. !!!!! Tara kept telling me I didn't need this!

    ... I totally need it. Thanks. :-P

    (It's perfection on you!)


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