Sunday, July 22, 2012

SmittenPolish Restock and Pre-order Info

Okay! This time I'm going to try something new and see how it works out. I'm going to put up a form for pre-orders for my next re-stock. Here's how it will work:

  • This restock will be for my existing 13 shades only. I'm still awaiting supplies to make the newer shades, so those will likely be available in about two weeks.
  • The form will stay active until I have as many orders as I feel I can reasonably fill by next week's restock.
  • If there is a run on certain colors and I see that I'm getting more requests than I can make with the supplies I have on hand, I will pull those colors from the form.
  • I will be making the polishes all week. I won't invoice anyone until the polishes are physically made and in my possession. Invoices should go out next weekend, if all goes as planned, and then shipping will happen the following week.
  • If I run low on a polish that you've requested and I'm unable to provide it at this time, I'll e-mail you to let you know and we can figure out from there if you want me to proceed with the rest of your order. I'm going to try really hard to not let that happen though. =)
  • Any stock I make beyond what's been pre-ordered will then be placed into my Etsy shop next Sunday, 7/29, at 6:00pm EASTERN TIME.
  • Polishes are $9.00 per bottle. All bottles are full size 15ml bottles. Shipping for the US is $3.00 for the first bottle, $0.50 per additional bottle. For Canada, it's $3.50 for the first bottle, $0.50 per additional bottle. For the rest of the world, it's $5.00 for the first bottle, $1.00 for each additional bottle.

I think that covers it. I'm hoping that this will help me to manage the chaos of restocking a little bit better, and that this will help you guys to get the shades you really want. By invoicing directly, this will also avoid the problem I keep having, which is that some people have been buying custom listings that are meant for someone else. All of this means more work for me and less time I can put into actually making the polishes. I'm hopeful that this will work out well, and that I'll be able to do a combination of pre-orders and Etsy stocking going forward. 

I'm really sorry if there have been bumps along the way. There's quite a learning curve that goes into running a business like this, and I thank you all for your patience as I try to figure out the best practices to make this a more pleasant experience all around!

Now after all of that, here is the form. Thank you so much for your support!
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  1. I got my pre-order sent. I like the pre-order system. I don't mind waiting and I don't have to stalk or pout when I miss an opening. These will be my first bottles from you. They look great.

  2. Did I miss my chance, again, even with the pre-order form? :'( I just clicked the link and got this error:

    "Oops, something went wrong.
    The form "SmittenPolish pre-order 7/29/12" is no longer accepting responses.
    Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake."

    Does that mean you've already pulled the form?

    1. Yeah, I had to pull the form already. I had an avalanche of replies. If you shoot me an email via the contact button here I'll add yours to my spreadsheet.

    2. Thanks Noelie - I tried the "contact me" button but got another error: "The username you typed does not exist or the user might have disabled the form."

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I have no idea how it got set to inactive, but I just activated the form again. Should be working fine now. Sorry!


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