Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jade Fascinio Violeta

Irony. After weeks of unremitting heat and bright sun here in southeast Missouri, today it is overcast and threatening rain. Of course it is, because I got my Jade holos in the mail yesterday and planned to photograph Fascinio Violeta today. =p Instead of full sunlight, which would have shown the holo at its best, I've had to settle for lightbox and desk lamp pictures. 

These first two are in my lightbox. These are more color accurate, but don't really show the holo very well at all. These are VERY strong linear holo polishes, but the lights I use in my lightbox just can't really capture that very well.

Fascinio Violeta is such a lovely, lovely sort of medium purple. These next photos show it as being much darker and sort of murkier than it actually is, but they DO show the holo really well.

Application on Fascinio Violeta was super easy. What's shown here is two effortless coats. This is one of those easy to apply holos, like the Ozotics or OPI DS holos, so I just used my normal base coat rather than an aqua base. Dry time was on the longer side for a holo, but not outrageous.

Gorgeous, no? The Jade holo collection is available at llarowe and retail for $10 each.

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  1. Wow this is beautiful! I just ordered my first Jade Holos and am waiting patiently for them to arrive. In the meantime I've been wearing your polishes, which are AMAZING!!! I have Lovely Lilacs on right now and it's so freaking gorgeous!

  2. Soooo lovely . .

    This polish kinda reminds me of Nubar's Treasure, which is lighter it seems.

  3. Ohhh lovely! I don't own any Jades yet, but isn't that just like the weather. Every time I too have something to set up that needs strong sun it's suddenly overcast and crappy weather. Hahaha I still think the photos are beautiful though!

  4. If it looks this good inside, I can imagine it'll be distractingly gorgeous in the sun!

  5. really need some of these jades...all so stunning!


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