Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another quick update

The weather is acting up here, and so is my internet connection. I'm working on getting stocked, but it's slow going. I'm trying to get everything in there on time, but please be patient!
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  1. I was able to at least purchase your Mint Chip polish. =( I was told I couldn't buy Bluebird once I had filled in all my payment info and clicked "continue." Maybe next time.

    Thanks for the great updates on when your stored opened.

    1. I'm really scrambling to try to get more stock up at a time. I'm ordering a bunch more lacquer base tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have a lot more stock next time.

    2. It was quite amusing to see all the stock go so quickly within the first 15 minutes. Once my clock hit 3:00PT, it was a race to refresh my page and quickly entering info.

      I've been initiated to this process now, I think, so I'm ready for the next time. xD

    3. You should experience it from my end. It makes my head spin LOL

  2. I'm always too late to the party;) Maybe someday I own some of your beautiful polishes:) You are doing a great job and your creations are so pretty. Good luck with your little shop:)


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