Saturday, June 30, 2012

Prepping For Restock

In addition to all my previous shades, I'm also stocking these new colors:

Nerds!, Moonbeam Dreams, The One on the Right

Here are Moonbeam Dreams and The One on the Right as full manis, three coats each.

And Lovely Lilacs:

Whee. Off to keep mixing!

EDIT: I've pulled Verbena from the lineup because I just wasn't happy with it. Lovely Lilacs is much, much nicer, much more saturated and richer than Verbena. 
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  1. Moonbeam Dreams and The One on the Right are AMAZING!!! I neeeeed :)

  2. these are stunning! love the one on the right

  3. The One On The Right is my favorite :)

  4. The One On The Right is absolutely stunning!

  5. Sorry about the mishap with the base! I wasn't able to score everything I wanted but your polishes are absolutely divine. I have got to get my hands on The One on The Right eventually and Pink Lemonade!


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