Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nails Inc Baker Street

What's this?? An actual NOTD post?! Yes! A couple of things happened to make this possible. 1) I got a new polish! I've been wearing either repeats or my own prototypes for so long, I almost forgot what having a brand new polish was like. 2) I got my new camera, and I thought that taking it for a spin with something as hard to photograph as Baker Street would be good. I have to say I'm pleased on all counts.

Here we are in full sun. This is the most bold, vibrant blue creme I have ever seen. The formula is positively luscious - two easy coats, barely any cleanup. I was worried with how bright it is that I'd end up with blue cuticles, but nope! Nothing going on here but a lovely, easy to control formula.

In retrospect, I feel kind of silly for resisting this one for so long. If you like blues at all and you don't have this, you need it. Trust me, just go to Sephora or order it online. You need it! =D

Other news - the Smitten Polish restock is probably about a week away. All of my supplies are en route, so I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival. I'll be posting here which colors I'll be offering and when the shop will open. =)

Thanks for reading! <3

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  1. This is sooo pretty!! Absolutely gorgeous blue! :D

  2. I have this on now. Completely agree, it's so vibrant! Love this color! Beautiful pictures by the way.

  3. This polish is so beautiful...I couldn't get it but I bought "Blue my mind" by H&M instead...it's not a dupe but it's pretty close :)

  4. i am pretty sure this is my favorite polish ever...have 2! :)

  5. Oh Noelie...I can't believe that the queen of blue even tried to resist this baby for a second! It is truly fabulous in every way. And it looks amazing on you, of course!!

  6. This is my favourite colour of my collection!


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