Saturday, October 8, 2011

De-Dudding my Dud Bottle of Color Club Revvvolution!

Yeah. I got a dud bottle of Revvvolution. In fact, I actually got three dud bottles. I found them in a dusty with poor lighting for 99 cents each, so I took the gamble and hoped that they were the good version with lots of rainbows. They weren't. They were the dudderiffic super dud version with nary a rainbow to be seen. For several months, I tried amping up the holo. I added drips and drabs of various holos in an effort to make the rainbows appear, and they never really did. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure I was being too conservative in my addition of the other holos, but I didn't want to waste too much of the preciouses on an experiment. 

Enter Spectraflair. *angels sing* 

Yeah, boy! My Spectraflair came that I ordered from More Nail Polish. It took some experimenting, but I probably ended up dumping out about 1/4 to 1/3 of the bottle of Revvvolution, then added some clear, and added Spectraflair until I was happy with the result. I'd guess I added 1/4 of a gram.

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaainbows! Yes!

I fixed its little red wagon! That'll show it for being all duddy! So beautiful now. *weeps* Pin It


  1. Ha ha - awesome finish to a tale of woe! Don't you just love turning lemons into lemonade!

  2. Yay for spectraflair! Still, I'm super jealous you got even dud versions of Revvvolution for 99 cents.

  3. Oh beautiful! I need to order some spectraflair for just playing around in other polishes

  4. I want to add spectraflair to all of my polishes!

  5. That is seriously improved my friend, I love it! Also, I need spectraflair like woah! >.<

  6. So beautiful!!!!!

  7. @Kristie It is, isn't it?? =)

    @Catkin I do, I do!

    @Kitties26 Yeah, I was surprised too. The lady looked at my like I was crazy when I bought three bottles of it!

    @Pixie Polish *nod* You do!

    @TA I want to HOLO ALL THE THINGS!

    @moxie345 Yes, girl... you needs it!

    @imfeelingnail-venturous =D


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